about me


The idea of the project didn't come overnight. It was a chain of reflections and tiny steps towards setting up the goals for this challenge. It all started with a month of volunteering in Brazil in 2016. Through this experience, I realized we have a million things to be thankful and proud of in our lives. Most importantly, we are full of resources that we can use nearly effortlessly to make an impact. After getting back to work, as usual, I started to be more engaged in local volunteering initiatives that corresponded to this "effortless" principle. For me, it was active listening. I found an organization looking for that kind of service. Bingo. My Wednesday luncheons were set. Other tiny actions followed. Over time, I started sharing my perspectives and experiences with those around me and the idea of making this project popped up. Here I am, pulling away from my everyday job for a year to dedicate my efforts to this project. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity. 


Cherish & Share is a mix of my past experiences as a volunteer, traveler, passionate learner of different cultures and languages, personal development topics lover, life coach and finally, a promoter of the principle that if we want, we can! This project is very close to my heart as it reflects my personal history, my current mindset and my ultimate wish for a better world.  I know that what I am trying to accomplish is just a drop in the sea of this world's needs, but I am trying to address them at my level of capacity. If only a few souls benefit from what I am doing now, it will be a mark of success.


The blog is all about my personal observations on how the principle of Cherish & Share can be applied in practice, i.e. how we can use our various treasures and improve our own lives and the lives of others. I will also speak about my travel experiences across multiple countries. If you like reading travel blogs and are interested in personal development topics, this page is for you. However, I am far...far from being a professional blogger, so please stay tuned... because I’m learning as I go.


I know that people seem to be very hard to reach online, but I am just an average girl from Europe, who recently got into this space. Please don't be shy and get in touch if you want! If you prefer to read, do not hesitate to subscribe to the blog’s newsletter to get notified about the latest posts.



That is my life philosophy which drives my choices on this project. 

Lead Natural!

Lead Natural is a channel towards my ultimate wish for a better world - a goodness virus spread all over. A world of fulfilled people using more of what comes naturally to them & inspiring others. 



We are part of nature and, nature surrounds us. We breathe it in every second and it flows through our bodies like a symphony. It also provides us with natural resources, from which we make food and other goods. We are naturally born with various character traits and talents. We already use it in our everyday life. Its secrets and possibilities are yet to be discovered and used for our advantage.

I believe that we can balance our modern, fast-paced life with the power of nature. I believe we can thrive with a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.


You are the leader of your life! Like every leader, you have at your disposal plenty of resources to help you attain your goals. You decide how to use them wisely and can seek help from others in order to gain whatever you want. The key is in making decisions and taking action that will draw you nearer to your awaited outcomes. Nature offers limitless possibilities and our leadership alone will determine how to obtain the best results on our individual level.

Goodness virus


True fulfillment and happiness is contagious. A person who is genuinely healthy and satisfied with oneself shines like a beacon to others. We are naturally attracted to such people. They inspire and motivate us.


I believe that good creates good. Everyone can contribute to making this world a better place by taking genuine care of themselves.



Let’s spread the goodness virus!