Congratulations! You are naturally a very rich person! :) 

It is all about perspective. If you have had all the treasures of this world, would you share some with others? I want to believe you would.

Cherish & Share

Cherish Yourself and all the treasures you have. You possess talents, passions, natural abilities, strengths, knowledge and overall life experience. It starts at a very young age! The project is all about promoting simple gratitude and awareness for our internal and external resources. It is also about taking deep care of ourselves. We often forget about ourselves while taking care of others. Interestingly enough, the opposite works too. We are filled with joy when our loved ones are happy and full of energy. So, let’s be good to ourselves and bring joy to others!

Sharing what drives us could be easy, fun and rewarding. What if something evident for you could help somebody? Maybe you love to listen to others? Maybe you love to read or knit scarfs? Would you mind to share your skills or passions with someone that would much appreciate it? What if that someone is your neighbor, your teacher, or a stranger who lives around the block? Why not give that someone a little bit of your time to share what you love anyway and help them become independent? For you,  it’s manageable, for them maybe life-changing. Maybe you could positively impact someone’s life on your journey. No need to mention the advantages it could bring you in return, on a personal level. Make your volunteering, your way.



Working with local cultural organizations to launch a new activity targeting those who want to receive or share “their treasure”. A C&S center is a place where citizens can come and consult posts and leave one with proposals of what they can offer. They can meet in this dedicated space or arrange a different venue. It is also a place where you could come and talk with somebody in all confidentiality to get advice on how you could use your “treasure” otherwise.

GOAL of this project:   

Launch at least 5 C&S centers (Cherish & Share) across three continents. 


Personal objectives: 

  • Spread the idea that everyone can contribute to the happiness of others

  • Promote everyday gratitude as a way for a more fulfilled life

  • Highlight the beauty of cultural diversity across the globe

When & Where

The primary destinations are selected countries across Europe, Latin America & North America. The specific locations will be shared along the way in the Itinerary section. The project starts in July 2018 and ends in June 2019.